Charris Feliciana Mast, San jose, California

This is for everyone in the San Jose CA area. Be on the lookout for Charris felicana mast. She is q homewrecker lifewrecker slut trap and very dirty. She sleeps with men behind her boyfriends backs and tells each person who she has led to believe they are her one and only. Which is a fabricated lie she will stay behind til she dies or you pry it from her. It as sad that she believes its OK to to continue to treat people in such a way. She is a textbook narcissist and a sociopath to top it off. She plays games with men that have either girlfriends or wives at home using steeling and toying with people like its a game. She is a felon with fraud backgroud and a thief. So watch out everyone it doesn’t matter everything she says is a loie and she will steel anything that isn’t bolted down. I know firsthand as I’ve seen her sell items that were mine or my families personal belongings and then sold them on offer up or Craig’s list. So be warned dont trust this San Jose slut dirtbag. She will; L ruin ypu

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