Chelsey Lucio, Los Angeles, California

Chelsey Lucio is a horrible, pathetic whore who has a severely damaged heart that is only capable of doing bad things. She is from Texas and has lived in Los Angeles, Spain, UK and Italy. She studied at Texas State University, is a house, pet sitter and personal trainer. As you can see, she is pretty dumb and has no life.; Be cautious and huge red flags: she is a compulsive and restless harasser; she maliciously attacks innocent women for her mentally twisted gains; getting the guys are not her goals, she just want to harm those women to prove that as an attention whore she is better than them, when in reality the exact opposite is true.; Deep down she has horrendous self-loathe suffering and has a shameless lack of self-respect. Be careful as you never know when you will become her target. She is not normal and surely has an ill, sick heart. This dumb whore has the capability to turn your life upside down, not because she is powerful, but more because she got some mental illness so her behaviors can be outrageous, unusually sick and abnormal.; While this sick whore will demise on her own due to her evil mind, heart and behaviors, you want to stay away from her and best of all kick and punch her first before she strikes to hurt you. This sick whore can’t even put herself together: a loser who has no life except party life; an exposure addict who simply can’t behavior or talk appropriately. Downright low grade, inferior, junky, lousy, miserable and rubbishy!; Look at the way she poked her ass, the angles. Ouch what a shitty whore that people only want to laugh about while enjoys and mind fucks her cheap ass. Beware, be well, stay away from Chelsey Lucio and don’t fall her traps as she is insanely malicious and tricky. She enjoys attacking and harming good people because she is too bad and shamed of herself. You are so good that she can’t bear with this fact so she will take whatever means to destroy your home. And then laugh over you for whatever she has done to you.; Chelsey Lucio is a sick, desperate, low class dumb whore and her heart is dark and deep. She plays mental and mind games as well. Be on the watch out and make sure to punch her ugly face for all the evil conducts she has done.

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