Buford Garland Barker (aka Robb Barker) and his WIFE JAN Barker


False information reporting to Colorado officials should be illegal- RIGHT??? Emails from Buford Garland Barker (aka Robb Barker) and his WIFE JAN Barker . Both have submitted false information to Colorado Public officials
Threatening to shame and bully in order to get someone to do what they WANT!
If I do not hear from you by midnight tonight I am going to post everything I can about you on every website I can. Since you hate me so much after how much I did for you so fuck you then. This is what you deserve for fucking me over with all of your lies.
Good luck getting rid of those without a court order. So good luck with all of that. You’ll probably be arrested soon anyway and Colorado Springs police department post the prostitutes they arrest on Facebook now. Just like I’m going to do
You obviously don’t give a fuck about me so what do I have to loose. Nothing that’s what. I’m going to post every phone number you have ever had in every search site I can and put your full name on them and all your info!
All that I post will then be public domain so there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s why other prostitution sites copy your info from backpage and wherever else you post like theotherboard.com. So fuck it. Don’t contact me. Anything you would say would just be bullshit anyway.

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