– Ordered May 11th. Were told products would ship in 5 business days. 3 days to wedding and nothing yet. Now May 30th. Marysville

We originally placed our order on May 11th. We were told by Trish (who is a very pleasant woman, sense the sarcasm) that the order would be shipped in 5 business days. We called back approx one week later to check on the order and Trish claimed the order had not yet even been processed. We said that we wanted to cancel the order but Trish said that we could not because there were personalized items even though they haven’t been processed yet…
Trish said that only one item was coming from their warehouse and the other four were coming from Canada. The only way that she claimed that we would get it in time was to pay an additional $12 shipping and handling on top of the $9 that we already paid. We asked if this was our only option in order to get the package in time. Trish stated yes and she also stated that we cannot return the items if not received in time.
Paid the additional freight and was told that we would receive on May 29th since the wedding is on June 2nd. After not receiving any shipping notifications we called back on Wednesday May 23rd and was told the items had not shipped, and they would ship the very next day without the additional $12 fee.
After still NO notifications called back on May 29th and was told the package shipped Friday the May 25th yet NO tracking number existed and was told that the package had been expedited so we would receive faster. They said they would contact us with a tracking number the next day. When they called someone else said the tracking number was still invalid because the package had just shipped on May 30th (mind you we are now 3 days from the wedding), even though the girl who we talked to on May 29th stated the package shipped the 25th… (weird they don’t know when it shipped).
We were told the package would most likely arrive June 1st the day before the wedding however they stated that they also sent some wrong items. When we stated we were going to refuse the package and wanted our money back they said we would have to pay a restocking fee even though we ordered a set and there were wrong items from different sets in our set. When asked to speak to a manager of course none was available (tisk tisk Trish).
So now we originally ordered on May 11th and were lied to about shipping dates and we are coming down to the wire and nothing has come and we have to buy a second set from a store in case this junk doesn’t come in time. Also the order didn’t ship and money was taken from the credit card May 18th. Why would they take money if the order hasn’t shipped or wasn’t even in stock? Plus once it did ship we WERE charged the additional $12 that we were told at an earlier date that we would not be charged.
This company is untruthful, rude, and seems to be a scam run out of a warehouse. An extremely poorly run company and I implore people to not do business with them. When you get married you have deadlines and you expect a company in the wedding business to be able to meet these deadlines when promised. What good does a guest book or ring bearer pillow do you when they arrive after the wedding is already over? If they even arrive at all…
Campbell, California

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