Gary Dumais

Gary Dumais – Dr. Gary Dumais Psycho Psychologist Woman Beater Rapist Alcoholic Porn Addict

Gary Dumais of Philadelphia PA, 742 Uber St Philadelphia 215-901-4589

Select Human Resources

All women be warned! Dr. Gary Dumais of Select Human Resources and Delta Consultants in Philadelphia is a lying, cheating, gaslighting, highly manipulative, incredibly sadistic, woman beating, porn addicted, rapist psychopath. He is a violent, raging alcoholic with an insatiable addiction to porn.He is a HIGHLY dangerous individual and must be avoided at all costs.
Do NOT believe his false sob story of how his ex-wife Virgene left him because of her family in France.
Virgene left Gary Dumais for the same reason all the women have left him: she finally found the strength
to leave the cruel and highly abusive and insanely sadistic psychopath.He beat her, raped her and severely emotionally and physically
abused her just like he did to me and many, many other women.
Not only does he lie and cheat, he LOVES to verbally emotionally, psychically, sexually and psychologically abuse women.As a huge misogynist and vicious sadist, he genuinely
enjoys dishing out the abuse and gets off on it sexually and mentally.
And being a trained psychologist, he is very very, very good at the psychological abuse.
Yes, that is how he uses his training and psychology education. To abuse and hurt people because he gets off on it.
Like most sociopaths, he wears a good fake mask in the beginning.He seems normal, professional, decent and even charming. Like Ted Bundy did.
Do not be fooled by that facade. He uses his psychological training and education to fabricate that facade which eventually wears off.
He is a highly dangerous, violent sociopath, a raging alcoholic and porn addict and a horrible human being and I pity anyone that comes into contact with him.
Go on and Google him.Google “Gary Dumais Escort” to see how he just robbed and beat up a Call Girl. Google Gary Dumais Cheaterreports. Read his Cheaterreports and where many of us ( his ex’s) have now commented sharing their horror story. Being a pathological liar and master manipulator, Gary Dumais is trying to claim that this online exposure started by his former
victims is “an elaborate extortion scam” in order to try and save face and fabricate some sort of defense.
This is not true. We are not interested in money, just warning other women.We are not scam artists.On one of his online cheater reports you can see some of us victims going into detail
about his personal life. “Online scam artists” would not know the the color and disposition of his deceased cat much less the details of the inside of his home!
We are not scam artists or affiliated with any of the websites that we have all listed him on.
Everything he says or ever has said in the past is a lie. As that is all that sociopaths can do.
This is not a scam. We will not be silenced by fear anymore. We will no longer be silenced by his violence or his threats like we once were.
Please, Do NOT be his next victim. Or allow one of your loved ones to go through the living nightmare and hell that is Dr. Gary Dumais. Heed our warning.

Additional information about this complaint about Gary Dumais may be obtained from the author.  The author has the choice of leaving additional contact information and further identifying the person or company complained of.  If the author provided the information, it could be found below:

Contact information:
Author: VictimsOfDumais

Offender: Gary Dumais
Country: United States State: PA County: United States City: Philadelphia Zip: 19130
Address: 742 Uber St
Phone: 2159014589
Category: Dating

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