Harold Clayburn, North Carolina

I thought I was dating a friend, lover, boyfriend, but learned he was dating a nurse from Wake Forest as he was scamming me. I saw a pair of nurses’ pants over his chair in his bedroom which he claimed were his daughter’s who was studying for sports medicine. A lie. He asked for rent money or he was going to be evicted. He asked for utlity payments several times because he lost his light service. I thought I was in a committed relationship, so wouldn’t I help a loved one, right? Never pays back. Asked for tire money as his tires were bald…promised to pay back the following Monday. Nope! He will scam you for anything. He will say he cares for you then take your earnings. He blames his ex-wife of over 10 years divorce of ruining him, pushing him into bankrupcy, becoming indebted for over $100,000. I know now it is a lie and I feel bad for her experiences with him. Why does a woman leave after 22 years? He says one day she came home and said, “*** told me to leave you.” I believed his sad, sad story, but that is all it was..a sad story..lie. Ladies, just beware of this Former, 59 yoa Marine, demoted correctional transportation officer with Central Prison, Raleigh, NC. He will lie to pull on your emtions, he will ask for money, goods, sevices with a promise of repayment…NEVER happens. I thank *** that his true self was revealed to me…I release it all as I write this. Thank you.

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