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House Of Brides – Horrible Company, Lies, DO NOT USE

Horrible company should be closed down. The people who work there should be all be fired I have no idea how they sleep at night. My dress never was made and I wasn’t told that until 3 weeks before the wedding. After I called countless times over 3 days. I was told 2 months before the event that my dress was in production which was a bold face lie. I ordered my dress 6 months before the weddding. I have spoken with Marlene, Joan, & Ana all who have not returned phone calls and Marlene was the one who lied and said my dress was in production, Ana never called me back. Joan is impossible to get a hold of. I soon realized my calls were being ignored because I called from a different phone number to have my called answerd after the 1st ring when I had just tried to call. (so they have caller ID) You will only get calls back after you file a report with the Better Business Bureau and it will typically be a email. I had to spend $110 extra dollars to have a dress from another company (David’s Bridal is amazing) to have it shipped in 3 days and to have is altered because it is the wrong size & length (only one they had available for a 3 day delivery). House of Crap… Sorry House of Brides is not willing to compesate for the added expense they caused.

Additional information about this complaint about House Of Brides may be obtained from the author.  The author has the choice of leaving additional contact information and further identifying the person or company complained of.  If the author provided the information, it could be found below:

Contact information:
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Offender: House Of Brides
Country: USA State: Illinois City: Chicago
Phone: 6306294062
Category: Dating

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