Sam Tehee, Oklahoma

Ladies be warned! Sam Tehee is from Oklahoma. He has one child and one on the way! Sam is a 29 year old boy in a mans body. Sam works at a casino and only makes minimum wage but collects tips. He is going back to court so he can lower his child support. This douche only pays his ex $56 a month and wants to lower that. Sam also got his new girlfriend pregnant and stayed with her until she was 5 months pregnant. Sam got involved with a woman from his work who is married and her name is Jasmine. I’m guessing her husband John knows but doesn’t care. I’m sure he is a very insecure man himself because he has caught her cheating many many times. Sam not only left his pregnant girlfriend but is also a mooch. He lived off her watched her pay all the bills because he does not make much at the casino he works at. He doesn’t know his father so I’m guessing it’s in his blood to be an absent father. Sam is not a good father. Yes he does see his 4 year old son from his previous girlfriend (BTW he left that girl when his son was born). But he does not do anything with his son. When he does have him he pawns him off to his pregnant girlfriend so he can go play with Jasmine. (Nasty girl btw). So ladies be warned. Sam Tehee from Sallisaw Oklahoma is a smooth talker. Looks and acts like he is still in high school. Not very well educated. Wants to go back to college so he can be a jr high coach. Great goal sam. Ladies please be careful with this serial dater. He will live off of your money impregnate you and then leave you once he has a new piece of a**!! Doesn’t want to be involved with his new baby. His mom really raised a great man. And his father!? We guess what. I’m sure he doesn’t know who his father is since he’s never met him. I’m guess since his Indian that it must run in the family. Sam Tehee you may play the part of actively going to church. But your own Pastor at your church is aware of what kind of deceitful man you are. May you burn in ****. Your children will one day find out what kind of man you really are. You are a pathetic human being. Not a man at all. You and Jasmine Marshall can have each other. John Marshall you are a pathetic man for letting your wife run around on you all this time. Remember that time you and her with friends riding four wheelers and she went off with another man “just going for a ride”. Well guess what. She went for a ride alright. She had *** with your friend in the woods on the four wheeler. And then that time you all were at the club. She went outside and had *** with your friend in the car while you were still in the club!! Wake up man!! I for one do. It ever want to be a man like you with no ***** and definitely not like Sam Jo Don Tehee!

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