Tabitha Jerome (Zehr), New York

It all began February of 2016 when Tabitha Zehr cheated on me with Mitch Hayes, Nikki Bolio’s ex husband Which she smoked pot and cheated on him while he was in air force basic. Then tabitha had a on3 night stand with a guy she brought home. My name is christopher jerome. My name is all over news junky because of this whore of a wife. She put refrain from order on me so she could come and go as she pleased out of my home that I worked in the army for 10 yrs for just so she can go out and fuck around with other guys. Back to the one night stand I was in Wilkes-Barre PA for Easter weekend with my family and children and that Thursday night she brought a man home when I was not there. Now she claims she had bruses all over her from falling and playing beer pong when to my surprise when I stripped her of her clothes… she had bruises in between her thighs. On top of that she had a vidio of the guy on her phone she recorded . There’s cum stains on the guest bedroom, and I tell her parents of her infidelity and they shut me up. I see her Facebook talking to a guy named Josh and calling him and I told him to fuck off or else I’d kill him along with mitch as well for messing with my wife. A little down the road I catch her flirting with a guy at maggies bar down by the river in watertown ny. I end up changing her tires because I saw some dudes vandalism her car. But she still comes back in the morning at 8am smelling like sex after giving her an altimatim. She then hooks up with another guy named Nicholas Hancock and after nearly going suicidal and being out of the crazy house she steals my unemployment money of 1,118 $ and puts a restraining order on me and kicks me out of my home and I can’t see my kids. Nickolas is then invited to my home by my cheating wife I was in the neighborhood and popped my head in my own home and talked to the guy. Scared the shit out of him. Went to jail. She was with God knows how many other guys after that. This is all a result of the court system taking the wrong side. She is now with another guy Cody Benedict. Always tag chasing in Fort drum new York. I’m stuck paying child support so she can go out and be irresponsible and slam shots down her throat with my money and party with her slut friends who smoke pot. I wanted to seek help for our marriage and she refused and this is a result of all of it. She Has alienated me from my children and kicked me out of my home and cheated on me with multiple men. I am so fucked up in the head because I have no rights to see my children. Someone please help. Her name is tabernathy louis on Facebook tabitha zehr or jerome. This feminist world we live I’m today where women have the right to use the court system to rule with a cruel iron fist is bullshit.

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