Christina Ricard, New Orleans, Louisiana

Here you go America! An active service member who wants to “service” my husband. Conduct obviously isnt in her vocabulary because she’s been trying to get her ex from the late 90’s back AKA MY HUSBAND that I’ve been with for 15 years now. I have multiple screenshots of her sending her saggy ass titties, ass pictures and more to him. Desperately making video calls and regular calls through Facebook. Then to top it off, this bitch wants to come at me like I did something to her! The nerve. She was trying to get my husband to meet up with her next time he goes back home. For a “massage” and to “tease him with her tongue “. She blocked me once I told her that I had screenshots of everything that was sent between them and that I was going to make it public. WASNT gonna do it, but she’s got a slick mouth. So here ya go!

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