Bob Schneider, Priest River, Idaho

This man cheated twice that I’m aware of. He I’m sure cheated more but it’s still early in the investigation. First was with his ex Suzi who has been with her current boyfriend 16 years.. so this is her 2nd time cheating on him with Bob. She also has herpies which he may be spreading. I was targeted as a way to hurt Suzi tho I was led to believe he liked me and was with me because of that. He’s aware of my severe depression and anxiety disorders and my low self esteem and confidence and stripped me of the little I did have completely. Yet he still manipulated me. On Valentine’s he nailed another woman after nailing me that same morning. He’s to big of a coward to tell me..I had to find out about Suzi from people around town and he was all to happy to tell me of his later endeavor to hurt me. He’s a cruel evil man who thinks it would be cool if he could have me commit suicide over him..he’s sick!!

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