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I would like to report California Web Solutions. They are also known by their registered name Emonix. The owner is Al meshkat or Ali Meshkat. His address is 24701 Stonegate Dr, West Hills, CA 91304 and He is an Iranian and does a lot of advertising on the Iranian TV channels. He says he does professional online marketing and web design.
Don’t fall for his scam. He has a bad reputation between Iranians in California and those who know him. His company steals your money and leave you dry.
He talked me into a contract and took $20,000 from us and when we said we won’t pay he threatened me and my family and take us to court and Sue us for everything we had.
Scammer who takes your money with contracts that are shady.
Don’t trust him

One thought on “Emonix – California web solutions – Al Meshkat

  1. Saeed

    We had the same problem.
    They dont know anything but they charge a ton of money and want to collect it if you dont pay

    I wouldn’t recommend working with them even to my enemies

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