Bo Dana Rupert, Coffeyville, Kansas

Meet Bo Dana Rupert. He was in a relationship with a good girl and they had plans to marry. She was in the hospital having lifesaving surgery. The day she was having surgery, this scumbag was looking for anal sex and someone to spank his butt with a hairbrush on Craigslist. He hooked up with girls and guys through Facebook too. My friend paid all the bills while Bo was playing on the Internet and trying to hook up with any hole he could find. He is extremely violent and abusive and a diagnosed schizophrenic (unmedicated). Steer clear of this lying cheater. Just google his name and you’ll see this psycho in action. A Centralia, WA police officer even had a restraining order against him. Ladies beware of Bo “The Senator” Rupert. He will use you for whatever you have while he’s screwing other girls and guys behind your back.

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