Brittany Fairman, Martinsburg, Maryland

Brittany Fairman- cheating on her own boyfriend, William Waldren who is apparent incarcerated, with a married man with three kids. They started seeing eachother while working at the Walmart in Martinsburg when he sent her a dozen roses on Valentine’s day while her boyfriend Zach was in the hospital because of a drug overdose. The assistant manager and was mentoring Brittany so they kept things on the DL until he was transferred to another store and Brittany was fired. Then thinking people were stupid, the married man leaves his wife for his barley legal girlfriend when according to Wal-Mart policy they could date and it didn’t matter. Brittany continues to call the married man whenever she and her boyfriend fight or when the boyfriend is in jail. Brittany has even gone as far as calling the married mans new store so that his wife can’t see the call on the bill. She expressed no sorrow over sleeping with the married man and breaking up a family when confronted. She and the husband clearly have no conscience.

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