Julie Casey (Myers Maguire), Dundalk, Maryland

In 2009 this bitch cheated on her fiance with my best friend who was married for 12 years. She was a coworker who gave him a massage for $50 and he ended up sleeping with her. That makes her a prostitute. Anyway, she was engaged to a guy with a kid already and had walked out of her first marriage of 8 years and gave up custody of her own 3 kids to “live her life” Now they get married…he worshiped the ground she walked on and gave her everything in the world. She ballooned up to 270lbs and he still loved her and was trying to help her get into shape.. she had gastric bypass surgery and is down to 140lbs or less and changed into a complete piece of shit who cheated on him and left him and his 5 kids and has never asked how they are doing. She has a bad history of getting with guys with kids and fucking their lives up…between her two marriages and her fiance she has fucked over 10 kids …. she likes to hang in the bar now and thinks shes great looking…take the clothes off and its a fucking nightmare….shes also a volunteer EMT in Baltimore so make this bitch famous folks and watch your husbands…shes a real piece of shit…now she looks like shes on drugs and strung out…a week after she walked out on my man she had a POF dating profile and a week later brought a dude to a department event and was labled a whore by members there…this bitch is easy if youre just looking for a piece of ass….

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