Anne Rogers Anderson the HAG, Bay City, Michigan

This nasty stinky cum dumpster loves to spread her yucky cellulite legs to her cottage cheese crotch and stinky poop shoot for her family members! Her former troll, whom she let win in the game of hangman, was an incestuous sexual abuser and this cum dumpster threw herself right in the mix. Her troll husband loved performing oral sex on his family members, only males though, because he wanted to force his sexual orientation/sickness onto others. What a stellar “wife” to lead him slowly to his death from being a scuzz herself! Instead of these creeps actually being productive in life, they enjoy sitting back and destroying others. Meanwhile, they can’t do much as even get a vehicle put in their name nor make their own house payments and such, due to one refusing to actually work and the other being the bottom of the barrel wherever she is. Both nothing but jokes! This cum dumpster is and always will be a joke for being an old ass ugly wrinkly gray-haired scuzz and trying to shack up with men who have wives half her age and highly incomparable to. So yes, the laughs have been outrageous. Especially when you make yourself look like a damn fool being a pig; as if looking like one already isn’t bad enough! Hahaha This hag would rather sit back and watch her own suffer than to actually close her damn cellulite duplex and get them some help. Even when they blatantly reach out for it, cum dumpster just turns and walks away…..literally. I guess having sex with your nephew while your troll videotapes and takes pics wasn’t anymore successful than any other aspect of your pathetic life. Just gave her nephew shit to laugh to the world about, at your expense. Luckily it’s free, loser Anne!

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