Darren Ambler -took advantage of a 67 year old women: Vulgar Pervert: (NJ):, Riverside, New Jersey

My Mother has been the victim of abuse by a four eyed creep Darren Ambler of Riverside NJ. This creep found my beloved Mother through a dating web site. My sister and me chewed mom out big time when we found out.; Yes- Mom was lonely and vulnerable. But this psycho sex addict creep Ambler whom is 40 ish years old seduced my 67 year old mother into a sexual relationship. My sister and me are more than furious. How dare that four eyed ugly monkey face seduce an senior citizen into sex with him. The filthy creep performed other sick acts on mom.; Whay doesn’t this sex freak get someone his own age??? Da ? because a woman his own age would see right through his fraud and lies: An older women is more vulnerble and more likely to allow a psycho like Ambler to take advantage of her: That is sick with a capital “S”. I mean a 40 year old having intercourse with a 67 year old grandmother- This Ambler is demented and plain vulgar- Pervert:; How would Ambler like it if he walked in on his 67 year old mother with some scum sex addict banging her??? I am sure if Ambler mother is living she is about that age? It is wrong- it is sick- it is a vulgar and desperate act on Ambler’s part- He clearly took advantage of a vulnerable old women.; This psycho needs the crap kicked out of him. This dude is a sex addict with a corrupt and filthy mind. How come Darren Ambler never took my mother to meet his family or friends? Because there was no need to, all Ambler wanted was to bang bang bang! Ugly pervert.; Ambler is a liar- con man- self centered maladjusted mental case. If he is proud of what he does then he should want everyone to know he bangs old women! Creep! Now mom has health problems because of this sex phene/; Message to -Darren (sex phene) Ambler- My sister and me accompanyed mom to the Township police and a restraining order was filed. If Ambler gets the urge and comes anywhere near my mother he will end up in Jail.; His momma will have to come here with her change purse to bail her sonny boy out of the jail. He better stay far away from here. His fun is over. This is one sick- perverted mentally unbalanced dude! Police said you be surprised all the perverts like Ambler there are in the area.; By the way if Ambler ever reads this, if he can take time away from his banging broads- my mother thought you were pitiful. A lonely sad excuse for a man. That scrawney body and face is the worst i have ever seen. That face could shatter a shatter proof mirror-/; Your a real big man Ambler screwing old women. You wimp- I guess you feel safe banging old women- you coward creep. I did call Ambler a few times and of course the coward refused to answer. But i did message the pervert and told him to stay away for good.; Whats amblers women of choice?? between ages 65-90/ don’t laugh it is probably true- sick loser. get help you vulgar con man. He also used mom for her home as a flop house to screw in and her food . Ambler is a moocher too; An ugly one at that:

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