Dayjahna Lightfoot, Florence, New Jersey

She screwed my husband and left him with warts on his penis. She will not leave me alone or my family. It’s not just her it’s my husband too. Jaq is a two timing male whore and his mistress is a dirty slut. Day Day is what they call her walks around ready to steal your husband and create war amongst families. After telling her numerous times to leave my husband alone she still continues to harass us. He is going through treatment at a infectious disease center and that’s what he gets. Don’t let her smile fool you dont let her flat ass attract you and dont let that nappy weave have you losing focus. She is carrying a bacteria infection, HPV, herpes, chlamydia and crabs. The board of health notified her but she ignored blaming my husband. She mostly likes men that are married with children. Last time I heard which was 2 days ago is she was seen coming from a motel with a trucker. My husband said he would pay her from oral and to eat his ass leaving him with diseases STD’S. BURLINGTON COUNTY BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THIS BLACK TOE NAIL, HAIRY ARM PITS, BUSHY SPROUT PUSSY, STINK BREATH BITCH. HOMEWRECKER AT IT’S BEST

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