James Hanks, Irvington/East Orange/Newark/Chicago, New Jersey

This is my husband he is a disgusting liar. He broke up two homes mine and a dear friend of mines. His name is James Hanks and he cheated with Paula Blount Harris who works at East Orange Public Library. He is truly a piece of shit….His occupation is a lame ass electrician. Paula’s ex-husband caught them eating in a restaurant and whooped his faggot ass. He also caught an STD from Nasty Ass Paula her pussy was burning and smelling like Raw Fish and Hog Maws. He is the lowest piece of SHIT ?? you can imagine. If you know him please for your own health STAY THE FUCK AWAY. He is a leaker of contaminated sperm. He is also a broke ass NIGGER. I’m gonna rip his ass apart for child support and marital support. Paula has to pay child support and walked away from her kids. What kind of sick tainted pussy having BITCH does that….They deserve each other STD and all….SMH

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