Christy Cain, Albuquerque Edgewood East Mountain a area, New Mexico

This old lady worked with my husband and knew who I was and that we had a family. She was so unhappy with her old ugly ass she threw her grandma looking ass all over my husband. They started talking as friends and then slept together. She would send him naked pictures of herself and if I could post those pictures I would. Her tits look like some balloons that lost helium and sag down to her belly button. I found out because I saw the texts and pictures on his phone. I confronted her and she laughed and thought it was funny. I told her husband and co workers and now I’m going to expose her here. Only if she knew my husband said she was a lousy in bed and it was pity sex. This woman is old enough to be my husbands mother. Ladies watch your man around this one.

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