Adel Losey, Cincinnati, Ohio

This person’s name is Adel, her family name, or at least the one she stays with here in the U.S. is Losey. She is actually a Russian who has no business being in this country.; She does little more than attempt to play the “I’m a foriegner, take pity on me because I don’t speak English and have no friends” game. Believe me, she’s just playing a game. In all reality, yes, her English is terrible but she’s just using it to try and steal your husband or boyfriend. She has ZERO morals and even saves the names and phone numbers of men she got her filfthy Russian paws on years ago and calls or texts them to do her “favors.” It’s really, quite ridiculous. She could not give a sh*t about the people she hurts or families that she breaks up. She is a real “winner” in floozy form and needs to be shipped back to her country of origin (Russia), Adel, nobody wants you here you horrid little tramp! Get your own life and quit trying to steal other people’s.

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