Alison Rae Prolenski, Vinita, Oklahoma

Next up for sale folks! We have the skankiest of all skanks… That’s right folks, ya heard right. I said the skankiest of all skanks. This worthless mother 2, can be found anywhere theres a swinging dick. But don’t let that last line there fool ya, she likes ’em married! Married ya say?! that’s right folks, i said married. This lil skeezy slut likes to become friends with married men, such as her son’s father’s wife and then fucks ’em and has the audacity to get caught sleeping in the wife’s bed!!! Asleep in the bed ya say?! Yes folks, that’s right this whore was found in the wifes bed… You couldn’t steal a whore these prices, But ya gotta act now while the chlamydia is still in her body…

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