David j Gleason aka. Cliff Danger, Damascus, Oregon

My wife’s father died. He was in a home. Out of four kids she was the executor of the estate. 9 days later we part on her “epic solo adventure ” I was with for two days. We parted an two days later she met cliff ,dave . She had a plan a planed route loose but still a written down plan. They went the opposite way. They spent 8 days hopping k.o.a.s. and cheep motels. Close to 2000 miles the other way. After 15 years I trusted her. After six days and the direction of travel I confronted her. She said he was a fling. She was coming home. I begged her to get away to leave l would pay for motels just get away. She hung up and stayed with him for two more days. The night she got back we fought we argued we started to make up and I removed a very old very used condom from inside MY WIFE. Much testing and pain followed. My heart died. Before. She said she would abort his child with out even telling him. After. The texts and calls started. She’s not pregnant. She lied about talking to him (Her phone is on my contract) on and off for about a month. After a ton of lies she says she wants to work it out. Finally we both in the room called him and told him it was over. They havent talked again that i know of.Much therapy later were trying. I dont know what he told her (at a very vulnerable time) or what she told him. But I know he’s not to be trusted. He’s of the lowest sort. He can’t count “condoms. I feel he took advantage of her at a weak time and exploited her state of mind. She now calls him limp spanky. Dont trust this less than man. No moral character no decency. Adultery is wrong. He knew I was mad and knew I didn’t know and still slept with her for two more days and kept calling and texting for weeks after. Looser. Jerk.

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