Heather (Marker, Knepp) White, Granville, Pennsylvania

This is the dirty skank my husband left me (faithful our whole marriage) and his 2 beautiful children for. She is his first cousin! They deny that they are cousins, deny that she is the cause of all our problems, deny that she broke up our family, deny that she took our children’s daddy away from them & deny that they are doing anything wrong! If she were any kind of moral decent woman she would have never opened her legs or her door for a married man with children still living at home to deny his responsibilities. She destroyed any possibility of repairing our marriage or relationship with his children. She is jealous & insecure because she keeps him from having a healthy relationship with his children. When he has seen them, which is far and very few, they end up fighting about it because she is in fear of him doing the same thing he did to his family! What does she think he’s going to do? Be faithful to her? She thinks she is the “only” one? What she doesn’t know is he comes home to fuck his wife among other sexual favors!! Karma bitch! What comes around goes around! What did you think? Did you think you are so special that he would completely desert his “family” for you? You deserve everything you get! Especially for emotionally fucking up 2 awesome kids that don’t derserve your vile actions! Be careful ladies!! She doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she feels like she is put above everything & everyone!! He is just at fault as she is but this site is for homewreckers not deadbeats or cheating spouses! My husband has not seen our talked to his children in over 2 months (and when he has seen them other times since his departure it’s only been for an hour or two every 2-6 weeks!) & it’s all because he doesn’t want to cause tension with his homewrecker but what she doesn’t know is he contacts his wife!! Right back at ya bitch but he’s all yours! Thanks for taking out my trash & opening my eyes on my 17 year marriage!

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