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Ashford University – I began with Ashford University in May 2008. I was goi…

I began with Ashford University in May 2008. I was going to attend my alma mater, University of Phoenix. But Ashford stated they were $200 cheaper on tuition and the courses were exactly the same. I did have some personal issues happen. My father died in October 2008 and I took a couple of months off from school. According to my academic advisor, this was fine because they understood that life happens and as professionals, their students may take longer to complete their degree. Well, a month ago, I got an email telling me I have been dismissed from Ashford University for taking too long to complete my degree. I have 9 credits left (3 classes) which include my Capstone. I will have taken 7 weeks over the time they consider to be too long. I will lose all my credits and financial aid. I was never given a notice before this from anybody at Ashford University.
When I tried to contact anyone, my financial aid advisor to the person who sent the letter, I received no response. Only after I told them I was going to contact the detectives on the fraud cases against them did I receive a response telling me that I could appeal their decision. Since then, I have received numerous harassing phone calls and emails from their collections. They have told me that they need my $110 balance paid off or they are sending me to collections. I have spoken to the man who calls me. I sent emails and left messages. I explained that I was a 100% financial aid student and was appealing the dismissal, so I was not going to pay this balance until a decision comes through. They sent me another nasty letter telling me if I do not pay the amount, they are sending me to collections and it would ruin my credit. I am so upset that I did not go through the University of Phoenix. I never had any issues with them. And they have even helped me with suggestions during this ordeal with Ashford University. I wish I had done more research on Ashford before choosing them for my master’s degree.

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