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Everest Institute – I was excited to do a changed in my life with Everest…

I was excited to do a changed in my life with Everest. I believed their lies. Considering that in 08 I was placed on SSDI. So I thought that I could get off SSDI and still be able to something I enjoyed. Criminal Justice, Interrogation and investigation. I was told that for the two years I went to school it would cost no more than $10,000 to $15,000 dollars. My thought “WOW, that is a lot for doing schooling online, ” but the rep said they had to send books to participate in classes. Ok, I know school books are expensive because I am a retired Aesthetician from the local community college. But hey I was investing in my education that is good, ha.
So I started in 11/30/09, I did the little online class about loans and signing a note. Everest said that I would have to do that every year, okay no biggie. They said the first loan would be $9,000 dollars (but it was for the whole year) when in reality it was $9,500 (I have proof). Ok that is high but for the whole year, ok. Then in 10 they did a loan for what they said was $4,000 dollars, yeah no ($9,000). I said okay this was the year I would be graduating, then I can start paying back the loans cause they said they would help with job placement, ha yeah right.
Then came the excuses, you’re not registered, we lost your paper work (4 times), we haven’t received any payments yet. Boy I thought I was absentminded. The end of the semester came and I was told that I failed the classes I took. What? How is that? I attended, I did homework. There is no record of me attending. Wait, What? I copied the questions and the homework before I sent it in and it was dated. Everest said they will check into it. I will still need to retake the classes and I can take a new class now and retake one of the classes I “failed.” Ok I guess. “Would I need to take out any more loans? ” “No we can got it covered.” Loans I didn’t realize they had taken out cause I was never informed.
This is 2011 loans – 3/28/11 $500.00,4/8/11 $6,496.00,12/21/11 $3,566.00. Then I received a letter stating that there was going to be a tuition increase to $4,000. Wait are you kidding me. During this time I some health issues and kept my instructors up to date on everything. They said “no biggie, just keep turning in homework and you’re good.” I thought okay they didn’t ask for a doctor’s note but got it just in case. When I called to see if I passed the student services was excited and said yes I did, and “remember to enroll for the next classes, you’re so close to finishing and then you graduate.” Ok great. What a lie.
Went online to enroll, “you have to repeat the classes.” WHAT the DUCK. “You said I passed.” “Oh sorry we never said.” WHAT YOU SORRY PIECE OF POOP. Student services was starting to know me by voice and name. I was po, student services said they would sign me up for some electives after this. Are you kidding me. But I was desperate, I didn’t want to be on SSDI, so I took more classes. I asked if I was full time student why was I only taking two classes a semester. “Oh you have never been a full time student.” Okay, what is the balance of my loans, and why have I not received any information on who my lender is and where and how I can make payments. Reply I received “I have no idea. I don’t have access to that kind of information, but I can see. Okay here is my number and email.”
Then 2012 loans, 5/21/12 $6,000.00,6/11/12 $4,500.00,12/27/12 $4,500.00,12/27/12 $3,482.00, and then in Feb. 2013 medical and family issues I had to just drop out. Kept calling Everest to see what I had to do. After about 3 months of calling every other day and even leaving voice mails their reply was “everything has been taken care of, hope you get better and settle the family issues. We would love to have you back and you have about 17 hours left till you graduate.”
Wait what after all the classes that I have taken and the $18,000.00 dollar loans I still have that many hours, are you kidding me? Do I sound and look like an idiot (yeah, I was). They still did a loan for that 2/23/13 $1,000.00. I finally received all the financial aid info after I had to drop, but still nothing on the amount of my loans and where I can make payments. Hell I still thought that it was only the $18,000.00 but when I finally got information from Navient, six months that payments were to be made, I saw all the loans that had been taken out a total of $56,000.00. Then found out that Everest was and had been being investigated by the government, but I never heard about it.
Just today, I see that all Corinthian, Everest and other schools had shut down in April of this year. I found some sites that might help with discharging the loans so you might want to check these sites out, studentaid. Gov – look for income-driven repayment plans for federal student loans. – this is a form from the department of education that you can fill out and send them. Make sure to print off the reviews from here and anything that states that Everest shut down and any lawsuit information so that you can send it in with the paperwork to show that they have been having problems.
Also copy any and all paperwork that you received from Everest during and after going to school there because it will help them decide if your loans can be discharge for fraud. Note that Navient said there have been a lot, lot, lot of complaints about Everest University. I still receive stuff on my loans but until coming to this site I had no idea of what to do or where to turn. Discharging of my loans is my biggest thing. Also check with your states district attorney’s office to see if there is a civil lawsuit pending or not.

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