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Excelsior is only after your money. I would not waste your money or time on them. I have two nursing exams left and was kicked out of the nursing program. I received a letter on Dec. 1st and the letter was dated Nov. 18 stating I have two weeks to notify them or I would be removed from program. So I notified them prior to the two weeks was up and was told that the I was removed from the program Nov. 4 and that I need to check my excelsior messages. I asked the person on the other end than why do I have a letter dated Nov. 18 stating I have two weeks. She stated I do not know why I received the letter but I should of received a letter for removal. I offered to fax the letter that I received and she said no and that I was removed. I than informed her why did I get a tuition bill on Dec. 5. All she could say was I need to read my messages and if I have a problem than write an email. I have been trying to get my RN for 2.5 years from Excelsior and have passed the nursing exams with B and C’s and could not take my last two exams until I completed humanities, college math (which they added recently), deve. Psych and micro and A&P. I have been studying for deve. Psych and college math and now I do not know if I can take the exams. I would not recommend this program.

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