Paul Grey Eurotech Football Centre

Eurotech Footbal Centre is a fraud academy that takes foreign players for a ride. The academy is nowhere close to the claims made in the website. It is a fraud academy cheating people of their money. Paul Grey is a smooth talker who makes all kinds of promises till you enroll and pay the fees. After that he starts avoiding you and you realise that the academy is nothing as claimed. He becomes very rude and hostile when you wish to take your child out and ask for a refund. He is a crook and should be arrested for cheating. Please beware of this academy. Their only purpose is to rob people of their money.

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  1. Eurotech Football Centre Ltd

    It seems less fair that you leave a complaint and slanderous content without leaving your name or anything that identifies you, your shout and run attitude should be ignored if you do not have the decency to address us in person with any complaints you may have to at the very least offer us the opportunity to respond to you in person. We are not a Fraud company, we are VAT registered and pay ALL our taxes, FRUADSTERS do not operate and pay taxes. Why don’t you come forward and tell us who was it who attended the Academy and we will happily offer our version of events. Failure to progress as a Footballer and to not meet the required standard does not mean fraud!! Please don’t hide behind a keyboard and disappear into the background. Identify yourself.

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