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This school misled my husband by promising a particular service at a particular price and then took much more money than what was quoted and did not deliver the service. My husband John was first misled by a Westwood commercial that implied one could attend the game development program they had to offer and upon getting a degree, one could then work from home via the computer/internet. It turns out that what they really meant was that you could attend the school via the computer/internet and not actually work on a job from home that way, but the commercial most certainly made it sound as if you could. Then when he spoke with them, he made it clear that he wanted to learn programming.
He was very excited about the opportunity to work from home (he was never corrected about this) and also that we are a struggling family so if it would cost more than we could handle, he would not be able to attend. He was assured that the cost of getting this degree would not exceed $60,000 and that a large portion of that would be covered by grants leaving us with an estimated twenty-something thousand dollars left to pay back, and that he would not have to pay anything back until after he graduated.
He worked very hard to keep his grades up and maintained a 3.8 GPA thinking that he can graduate, get his degree, and make a better life for his family. He had to juggle family, work, and school for 3 years which was incredibly difficult but he was determined to do what he had to in order to achieve job security and a better future. At this point, he still has about 2 terms left to graduate but he cannot do so because they say that we need more money to finish the program and we are barely able to keep our electricity on and pay the mortgage right now.
They have already gotten $124,000 in the form of grants, federal loans, and personal loans which they applied for in his name by simply sending him forms to sign every so often so he had no idea until recently how much debt had actually incurred. We have to pay back nearly $90,000 in federal and personal loans with no degree to show for it and even if he did have the degree, he would not be able to use it. They told him that he would learn programming but the art and design program they placed him in did not cover programming at all as he was told it did and as far as art and design game development jobs go, there were none in the state that we live in.
We are left now, after all the hard work and time put into what was supposed to be a better future, way over our heads in debt and certainly no better off than we were when he started attending Westwood College Online. We have been harassed relentlessly by Sallie Mae (the financial institution that Westwood used for the loans) but we cannot pay it because we simply don’t have the money as we are already struggling. I don’t feel that we should have to pay it considering that they did not put him in the type of program that he was applying for. He couldn’t even finish the program in order to get the degree because they’ve already exhausted all of his available funding and even if he could, it would be useless and he did not get to learn anything that he went to this school to learn in the first place.
An internet search of Westwood College reviews, as well as speaking with people who have attended other colleges and heard things about Westwood, has revealed that we are not the only people they have done this to. They have done the same thing to many other students as well and it is nothing but a scam. College is supposed to be an opportunity to better your life and the school representatives certainly should not lie to students in order to get their money and leave them with nothing but outrageous debt. What this school is doing is wrong and I’m sure that it can’t be legal.

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