Daisy Mendoza, Greenville, South Carolina

This woman claims to be a Christian ! All she is a homewrecker ! She had a fling with my husband, while I was recovering from a SCI, fighting to learn how to walk, again. After, over a year of physical therapy, and my world being turned upside down.; To my surprise, one day, I find Daisy at my door. Proclaiming to be a Christian, and wanting to know if my husband would help out at a event at her church. At this time, she tells me she’s pregnant. I congratulated her. Not thinking that it is my husband’s child !; Months later, my friend sees her, and husband together at a restaurant. My husband had head all of this from me for about 2 years ! Come to find out, he was present at the time of the birth.; So, BE AWARE of this homewrecker that claims to be a Christian!

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