Brittany Fishar, Lufkin, Texas

This has been a long time coming, but this girl likes to be fake and milk every sympathy point she can all the while hurting other people so it’s time for her to be exposed. Y’all remember the girl who ended up on the front page of Lufkin Daily? She got drunk and wrecked her car on the railroad tracks and then tried to walk home but ended up getting arrested with a DWI. Well, she’s also a HOMEWRECKER. She will blame everyone but herself or try and get everyone to feel sorry for her but the person to feel sorry for is this man’s wife and her ex boyfriend Ronnie. She cheated on Ronnie all last year with this married man while his wife was at home pregnant! After Ronnie died only a couple of weeks later she is messaging this married man again and they continue with the affair. After his wife has her baby he breaks it off with this girl and she gets very angry! As if she hadn’t done enough, she CALLS THE WIFE while her baby is only a month old and tells her about the affair laughing the entire time. What kind of person does that!!?? That sweet family is trying to heal and fighting like hell to repair their marriage and she still tries to contact the husband.Sick of seeing my friend suffer like this!!! At least people now know the truth about her. Hide ya kids, hide ya husband!!!!!!

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