Anny (ID: A597864) This woman is either a creation of the agency or an employee who sends letters and chats for pay.
I met this woman and exchanged letters and chat for about 6 weeks with promises that she would suppy me with email info and join QQ chat so we could continue communicating apart from Asiamatch. I began to suspect she was lying when she tried to tell me she her home PC was very old and she did not know how to use email. At the same time she was promoting herself as a successful business woman with a chain of clothing stores located thoughout southern China. After weeks of excuses she finally wrote me to tell me she had changed her mind about searching for a western husband and was leaving the site for good.
I have checked the site occasionally and it did seem like she was gone. After a month went by she suddenly reappeared and if you look at the woman online pages she is there 24/7.
I believe this woman to be a scam and you would be well adbvised to stay away from her.
I also believe this site to be a mix of actual women and women who may or may not have existed at one time but with whom your communications are actually being done by the web site in conjunction with agency employees for the sole purpose of squeezing as much money out of you as possible. As soon as you try to seek other means of communication or suggest meeting they will grow cold feet and break of communications.

Additional information about this complaint about may be obtained from the author.  The author has the choice of leaving additional contact information and further identifying the person or company complained of.  If the author provided the information, it could be found below:

Contact information:
Author: Contact with Author

State: China City: Shatin
Address: 3 On Yiu Street Fax: 85230079277
Category: Dating

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