Darren Ambler (Sex Services): Sociopath/Sex Addict/ Liar- STD’s Cherry Hill, New Jersey:


Darren Scott Ambler…aka Darren Ambler lives at 12 WESTBURY DRIVE in CHERRY HILL, NJ: Darren Ambler is an ABUSIVE, SEX ADDICT, CON-MAN, LIAR, SOCIOPATH, STD CARRIER who Stalks his female prey on the Internet and other ways. Darren is Emotionally and Physically abusive. He abused me, forced me into filthy sex acts and cheated while having sex with me. This HOMELY JERK gave me STD’s: Darren Ambler is EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE and Suffers SEX ADDICTION: He would screw anyone out of necessity. Darren lives a secretive “DOUBLE LIFE”. Darren is not a nice guy but an UGLY abusive SEX Freak with an INFERIORITY COMPLEX. Using and Abusing women builds his shattered ego. He is a Pathological LIAR and CON MAN. A dangerous person to become involved.
Darren Ambler has NO Moral Values- Class- Breeding-Social Grace and he is Anti-social. Darren is quite HOMELY and is “HORRIBLE in Bed. Most times you had to search for his Alledged male “ORGAN”. Last I heard he still can’t find it. Darren Ambler is gross and UNDESIRABLE in every way. He cheated on me and gave me STD’s: Which that UGLY Jerk will soon pay the price for: Darren feels he is always RIGHT and REFUSES to take Responsibility for his Bad Actions…………….Darren is a Dork and he Stinks: His breath is a combo of Garbage and Dog dew.
Darren Ambler is a Sex pervert no manners or respect for women or himself: Darren had sex with Prostitutes and a number of Females with Low moral standards. Or no morals if they went to bed with him. Darren Ambler is a drug addict turned Sex addict. He is Gross. Nothing to offer but TROUBLE. Darren Amber is Demented. He is 40 years old and had a Sexual Filthy relationship with a 67 year old women. That is a sick act of desperation. Vulgar and Demeaning. Darren belongs in JAIL or a MENTAL HOSPITAL….
Darren is incompetent and has ZERO common sense. I know he has children that should be taken away from him. How can a scum raise children properly/ They can’t. Ladies Stay away from this Disease ridden sex pervert. Darren Ambler is a Pharmacist at Express RX in New Jersey: BEWARE……………..He will solicit sex the first meeting……………Stay away from this UGLY VULGAR SEX Predator at all costs……………You can go to jail for spreading STD’s:

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