David Antonio White

David Antonio White – David Antonio White

Met on Match.com. He said he was a widower (his wife died of cancer) and he has a son, Kevin, who goes to Columbia University in NYC. Said he was a jeweller who designed and made jewelry. He sent me pictures of a very handsome man (probably some male model). He sent me sketches of his jewelry designs. After a supposed trip to NYC to discuss a jewelry deal, he made a trip to Italy to buy gold. He said his supplier in Italy sent him to Ghana because of the gold supply he needed. He said he could not get through customs in Ghana because his credit cards were refused and the travelers checks were made out to the mines in Italy. He said his bank would only wire a certain amount of money and it was not enough to cover the $30,000 he owed so he asked me for money to make gold transaction. He sent me his Ghana customs receipt showing the $30,000 he owed. He sent me his address in Dallas – 4333 Gilbert Avenue, Dallas, TX 75219 and his address is Ghana – 82 Kanda AG25 Accra-North, Ghana 00233. Texts from him were from this cell number – (214) 810-0331 but when he called me it came from a private number. His son’s cell number was (336) 303-0409, which is a North Carolina area code (and his son, Kevin, was supposed to be from Dallas).
After I sent him money, he wanted more… And assured me he would pay me back every penny once he got back to the USA. He then got really sick – his son said he had malaria and had no money to pay the hospital. They both begged and begged me for more money to pay the hospital. On June 5,2013 he texted me and asked me to help him with some more money and that he would be home by the weekend and then we could solve this the best way… He kept telling me to trust him… Unfortunately I did trust him in the beginning… And got scammed.

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