I requested to turn off my automatic renewal several months ago bad matching and no dates the last thing I wanted was to renew. Today I see 2 charges for $78.50 on my account. I called to ask them refund me the money and cancel the account. Not only they refused but said “I clicked a button to renew” Then the agent said could only change it to 6 months and it was only $50 dollars. He never said ADDITIONAL $50 DOLLARS WILL BE CHARGE TO YOUR ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW MISS LEADING! He changed my account and charged! Now I am stuck with $214 dollars charge. I called my bank and hope to get reimbursed. FRAUD AND THIEVES! This is a complete fraud!!! They wouldn’t delete my credit card even I Told them I do not authorize them to keep my card on file!!!

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State: City: Santa Monica Zip: 90408
Address: P. O. Box 3640
Category: Dating

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