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I believe I became aware of FlirtHookup on Facebook. I hadn’t done any online dating sites for a couple years and it was so easy to get a basic membership that I hardly recall even doing it. Somehow, I started getting notifications not just from FlirtHookup but also XMeeting, FlirtLocal, and Secret Dates, which I think are all related. Anyway, the FH site showed me a number of possible matches for my very basic search (age range, mileage limit from my city), and I saw a number of attractive women, some seemingly looking for relationships, some for casual hookups. I clicked “Like” on five or six of them, and was pleasantly surprised that many of them liked me back very quickly. Some also followed up with messages, usually complimenting my picture. You need to pay at least a one month membership to send messages to other people, so I went for the cheaper three month rate, which I think worked out to about $19.95/mo. Then I started to send messages. And these were not lewd or gross or insane, just friendly, curious, mildly humorous messages that anyone who had already expressed some interest in my picture would at least have the courtesy to respond to, even if it was just to say, “Thanks for writing back, I don’t think we’re really a match but good luck to you” or something like that. But after about two weeks now, I have received absolutely nothing. Oddly enough, there was even one of the messages that said I should write to her at her home email (a gmail address that I won’t use here, but it seemed like a normal girl’s name). But I didn’t get a reply from that one, either. So I can only conclude that FlirtHookup and its sister sites are scams, using photos from who knows where with other people writing the profiles and messages but with nobody actually ever meeting and dating each other.

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