Jeff Rothe, Lakeville Indiana

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This married man came looking for me 3 years ago! Pursued me! Paid for my divorce and then when the truth came out he bails on the happiness he wanted, he pursued! He takes what he wants to fulfill is own wants and needs not being met at home and Doesn’t take responsibility for it! He’s a homewrecker! If he was getting what he needed at home he wouldn’t go looking! No guts to stand up for the happiness that he wants and deserves! I have every text from 3 years to prove it…. the words right from his own mouth! So face the truth and place the blame where it belongs to Why he came looking in the first place!! He came searching for me and did the pursuing! And says he’s following his faith! He’s ruined lives!
Selfish! Face the truth and stop placing blame elsewhere!!!

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