Paul Grey Eurotech foot ball academy

I enrolled my son in Eurotech foot ball academy under paul grey. I paid 24000 pound sterlin for 1 year. Soon after the enrollment i found out through various sources that it is a fraud academy and i took out my son after 1 month. Now i have reaptedly asked paul grey for a refund but he refuses to comply. I am now going to pursue him legaly. Other out there watch out for this fraud academy. [email protected]

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  1. LS

    Hello. I had the same experience with Eurotech. Paid 15000 GBP. Realised the academy was a fraud and took my son out in 10 days. I have been asking for a refund, even sent a solicitor’s letter. But Paul Grey refused to pay. Please mail me at [email protected]. Maybe we can go after this guy together. He needs to be punished for cheating people.

    • Eurotech Football Centre Ltd

      Having received a detailed claim from your solicitor to which we responded in great detail our version of events, to which your Solicitor chose not to proceed with the claim indicates we were not in breach of our terms and conditions, and act of fraud indicates something that does not exist or operates without offering services or products, given that your Son’s actually attending the Academy for whatever length indicates a service supplied after payment, your choice was to remove your son just because the Academy was not to your personal preference does not indicate Fraud. A clear breach of our Business Terms and Conditions by the Customer. Your sons were NOT asked to leave the Academy and received the life skills and training offered, being unable to cope with the demands of daily Football Academy life does not indicate fraudulent behaviour from Eurotech Football Centre Ltd.

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