I have a profile on the Plenty of Fish (POF) dating site. This past October someone with many photos of a beautiful Asian woman on their profile contacted me in very broken English. They claimed to not understand my English replies, so I tried using Google Translate and Bing Translator. They then claimed the translations werenÍt good and sent a link to the profile having the same photos on That appeared to be another free dating web site, so I foolishly fell for the scam and signed up. We began exchanging messages almost daily and, of course, I paid for the translation services. I was really played by being sent many nice compliments along with claims of admiration. It is now obvious I was being asked many unnecessary questions simply so I would write longer replies, which cost more to translate. Other profiles with photos of beautiful women were also used to contact me. I must have been blinded by loneliness because I also replied to them. Soon I had to limit my replies because I was spending around $100 a day in translation fees. I became very interested, but they always seemed to remain very cautious when I suggested we make plans to meet. They always wanted to first learn more about me. Recently I felt somewhat flattered when the original ïwomanÍ asked for my e-mail address. A few days later I received an untranslated email written in surprisingly good English. This is that letter:
My friend, I create account only for inform clients because I be your translator on Rosematch. I now want reveal pretending be ten women you exchanging messages. I actually be man who simply working as employee pretending be many different women. Sorry, it was all scam and I must do for provide family life. I end Rosematch work and now do better job, so now want clients understand profiles are fakes. Also, most women profiles are really other men pretending. Company only want easy money so when member not pay translation service we say English very poor and not understand. But employees really bilingual because when member send letter it never get translated. Reply always sent Chinese so member will pay for translate. We translate only if member pay.
My friend, scam very much organized. New employee taught different strategy making effective profiles, proven methods for attract new members, and effective writing will get replies. Also trained for soft ways we trick members and they spend money on translations and gifts without making suspicious. If not responding for new messages, employees must send letters from other profiles expressing interest to current members, attract new members at other dating sites, or search Internet with new photos for attractive Asian women for use creating new profiles. This company makes good money, employees work 8 hour shift and encouraged we maintain many different profiles to successfully handle. Supervisors closely watch over teams for upwards 10 subordinates. Employees receive no set pay only commission 10% from profiles not created and 20% from profiles we created. Supervisor receives 5% commission from only profiles by subordinates. Rosematch now run six China offices at low money areas, and get much money. Pay no extra people benefit, still many want good job and wait to work. They open 24 hours 7 days week; new employees and new supervisors generally work nights. Employees lose their profiles and no compensation when leave company. I not there again so tell clients about scam. You do not spend more money there.

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