She’s back & patrolling the shadier parts of Spenard Mtn. View Russian Jack & a seedy bed bug infested druggie motel near YOU! My poor untrusting Brother, doesn’t trust the time on his watch, trusted her for NSA fun, 1-2x a week they go to a motel, she kept going to soda machine 10-15 minutes at a time before during & after their interlude. Next time she goes he sees she goes in another room, not to the soda machine. When she returns he demands some answers, She lines 2-3 guys up in the motel to earn money for her medication everyone thinks hes there alone w/ JENNA, shes really multitasking, all that drive but shes homeless< often goes to THE CASTLE off Arctic & 27TH where she willingly stays with creepy 70+ demented “Eric” while there, she must surrender all property cash cloths shoes medication prescribed & illicit, which he locks in chest he then subjects her to forced roll play , beatings spankings tied up starvation mental & emotional abuse she does NOT get to leave when she wants, IS locked IN nude, her Cell s locked away… he calls it a game. Sadly this is the truth as my brother & I have rescued her several times but she wont live with my brother or on her own, she earns enough, she continues to return, to Eric upon learning she was a prostitute my brother decided he better not see her again tho now she calls too often wanting cash, What a great girlfriend she is, Jenna Parker just turned 40 in December . will girlfriend for some cash, drugs, or shiny beads. [gallery]

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