Michael Beckford, Canada

Liar, user, master manipulator, danger. Was with this person (Michael Beckford) for nearly 2 years. Planned to buy property together, took trips together, he initiated future plans with me. Had some rocky times, got through it, he came crawling back to me each time he had one of his temper tantrums. I began to notice he was not the most stable. He had a temper that would spark randomly and for no justified reason. I caught him on a couple of dating sites and when caught, he lost it. Threatened physical violence towards my friend who had initially found him. I cut things off then and there. Couple weeks later, he came crawling back in, used his words to manipulate me once again. Things were good, until I took a vacation with some girlfriends recently. He knew I had this trip planned, he said he needed to prepare for his exam the following Monday, so while I was gone, I told him he could use my place to study. (He’s 37 years old and lives with his mother) Long story short, I caught him with another woman on my vacation! When I confronted him, he verbally attacked me, threatened me, blantantly lied to the other woman. This man is unstable, a risk. He admitted to the other woman he had been with multiple other women sexually while with me, said he used me. In the end, I dodged a bullet. I would not want a individual with violent tendencies, unpredictable behaviour, temper, in my life. I hope for her sake, she looks passed the fact she’s known him for 10 years, this having been their first meeting, and does not subject herself to his unpredictable behaviour and thought process.

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