Dr. George M. Kosco III, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Greedy… Maybe you want to at least ONCE this Summer, get your Section 8 house up on Monroe tidied up. Heck, just keep the **** grass cut. As a community, we’ve already had the Township go up there when all the junk/mattresses/garbage was piling up- and they had to send their code officer up to YOUR property. Your tenants over the years have only given us total grief. We make sure to let all the different men and women (section 8 doesn’t let other people live at your place, right? You don’t care, we know)… anyway, we always let the drifters, thugs, etc. know who owns the property. We hope some of the crazies we deal with, come to visit you at your office or home someday.. heck, just to say thanks for providing them such a nice place to slum it at. Over several years, we’ve had numerous multi-car police calls there.. pulling people out, kids taken away… criminal histories. Yes, thanks, Doc- we can tell you are a caring medical professional by how you have ruined our street. Only a bit of what goes on is being written here- but we as a group of friends with children are actively working to make a change- since you only care about money. If this was happening in your little cul-de-sac, we bet you and your neighbors would be ******…. just as we are in our little homes that you ruined with your section 8. We will monitor your property, and continue to call the police in the middle of the night when the animals start fighting and screaming like somebody’s being killed.. Thanks, George. And no problem, we will keep an eye out and just keep calling the authorities like have always had to do. BTW, along with the township and police, Pinnacle and the Board of Medicine will be getting lots of communications from us- we don’t want our kids and families exposed to the dirt you have forced on us for far too long.
Dr. George M. Kosco Hey Welfare Slumlord
2801 Old Post Road
Harrisburg, PA 17110
PHONE: (717) 651-1515 FAX: (717) 651-1512

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