Ellis L Hyman in DC and VA (703) 578-8282, (276) 452-4320

Ellis L Hyman.lying rip off Political Consultant in the Washington DC area.
This disgusting “Hobbyist” has a sorry one inch limp *****, three testicles
and AN ADDICTION to hiring women for *** ( escorts ) and other activities.
He also RIPS OFF hired *** workers to,o so Ladies: WATCH OUT
He can’t have a normal relationship with women because of his issues (especially
because of that tiny one inch ***** when it actually gets erect)
Yes, very pathetic.
asks for Ladies to bring shemales, latex clothing and thigh high boots and strap ons,
Watch out Ladies!
here are some of the email addresses he has used:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ellis L Hyman:
Ellis L Hyman’s Linked In:
Current Address
5620 James Gunnell Ln
Alexandria, VA 22310-1159
Phone numbers Ellis L Hyman has used:
(703) 578-8282,
(276) 452-4320
(703) 924-1964 – Landline
(703) 597-9921 – Wireless
(203) 775-8595 – Landline
Watch out for this lying, thieving one inch, limp ****

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