Captain Eckenrode Cole

Captain Eckenrode Cole – Captain Eckenrode Cole

This guy goes under the name Captain Cole eckenrode he has pictures on his facebook in a US militarty unifirm and on Datehook up he has also pics in US Military uniform. He starts his story about the war they are fighting in Afghanistan and how difficult it is there and you feel sorry and I mean you really do, any good human would. Then weeks later he tells you that he has no money for food cause he hasnt received his allowance and that he sends his salary everymonth to his mum IN USA. And that his son needs mediacl attention that when I thought things real well and realized that this guy is not who he is. I had already fell into his scheme in December thinkikng its december and that I would send him a smal gift after his long sad story..
Ladies you have to be very very careful there is no such thinng as love in the internet and that no way in a IS Solidier be careful as they are operating a very very good game. And playing on vunerable women and their feelings. Research before you fall into such stories of sympthany and games..

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State: Supposed To Be In Afghanistan Deployed..
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