Eray Persie Paul

Eray Persie Paul – Eray Persie Paul

I met Eray Persie Paul on a dating site POF. We were to meet the day before he left for Turkey as he owned a construction company and had a large job in Mersin Turkey. He had a problem with his bank account and he wasn’t able to make it. We spoke several times a day after he left and he told me that he didn’t realize just how cold it was in turkey and he needed a jacket and a pair of shoes, and that he always ordered from Zappos. Promised to pay me back when he returned to the states. He was in a car accident with his interpreter and his wife. He just couldn’t believe what happened but he totaled his rental car and needed funds to pay his workers. He didn’t even have money for food, and he was flat broke, and was afraid to leave the hotel. I felt sorry for this guy and wired him 500 to turkey. He couldn’t get an advance from the company he was doing work for. He even sent me a bank and his account information and password to view money in a account. Told him I didn’t have money to help, so he said he would borrow money from someone and would have it wired into my account, I was not that stupid! I told him no, and he had a fake check sent to me and asked me to deposit into my account and wire him money via western union. I did receive the check and took it to my bank and was immediately told that it was a non existent account, and I called the number on the fed ex envelope and the guy who answered sounded just like Eray! The bank froze my account thinking I had something to do with the scam check for $10,000.00. This guy was good I must admit. I am sorry for all of the other people he scammed.

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State: Boca Raton, Florida /mersin Turkey
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