FlirtHookUp, FlirtLocal, XPersonals, MeetInYourCity, YourCupidMatches

FlirtHookUp, FlirtLocal, XPersonals, MeetInYourCity, YourCupidMatches – FlirtHookUp, FlirtLocal, XPersonals, MeetInYourCity, YourCupidMatches

Total Scam,
I’m sure there are more connected websites all run by the same person/group. I think I was approached on Match by someone giving me an email. I emailed the ‘girl’ and she said she would be on one of the above sites, I don’t remember which was first, either FlirtLocal or FlirtHookup I believe. Anyway follows the same pattern 6 or 7 times now. After I had posted a pic the pic was distributed to all the above sites and probably my profile I stated I was not going to join the site and said if someone wanted to contact me they should leave an email.
Then a ‘girl’ who claims to be local will message me and leave an email address. I will write to the email and get instructions to follow a link to another site and search for her user profile and when there we will ‘chat’. Also I’m told I’ll be ‘rewarded’ with some ‘naughty’ pics. Whooohooo lol.
See the following from today:”Not sure what’s going on… Everytime I try mailing you it comes back undeliverable: (Hopefully you get this.
How are you doing? I would love to chat, meet up, whatever. I can’t wait to get something started.
I’ll be online tonight & tomorrow if you wanna chat. Here is my profile… I have a couple naughty pics on there for you:)
I hope you like it.
Xoxo ;)”
A couple of days ago ‘she’ sent this:
“Thank you for the message!!! I thought you might not get back to me lol. I have the next week off, maybe we could meet up for a drink and we’ll see where things go from here:)
I think we’d have a great time, I promise I’ll be nice!
Hit me up at to chat, I have all my contact info and a couple naughty photos you might like. Hope to hear from you soon.
Search for sxyluv30”
Everyone should note the ‘girl’ in two different emails tried to get me to sign up for two different sites.
Are there any ‘real’ people on these sites, I mean women that actually ARE local and do want to meet? As I will never pay for a ‘membership’ to a site/group of sites that are obviously using a dishonest business model I doubt I will ever know. I think the first versions were FlirtLocal/FlirtHookUp and I was first approached on Match about 6 months ago. Be careful out there and God’s Peace and Merry Christmas.

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